A Wedding is a celebration of love They are the friends and family members gathered from all over the country to celebrate your commitment to a lifetime. It's an adventure starting from the day when two people decided to become one!

It is all the feelings you will feel once in your life!

Being a part and having your confidence to create a timeless movie of these moments is that more than anything else I would like!

What matters ultimately to life is the moments.

I love to travel to the Greek islands to photograph weddings, Greece is the best destination for weddings with its wonderful blue waters and white houses, Santorini wedding was one of the most beautiful with the beautiful volcano and white houses

The weddings in Mykonos with the wonderful spree. I like to photograph spontaneously authentic not staged. With feeling.

Hi. I am Constantinos , Wedding Photographer from Greece. I create authentic, natural and emotional wedding photos  for creative weddings. I travel worldwide to accompany special weddings.  As a storyteller and friend i would like to tell the story of your wedding. I capture the moment as it actually happens. With me you get unscreened reports with authentic pictures and emotional films. As  me accompany you all day, the chemistry between us should be right. It is most important to me that you feel comfortable with me and vice versa. Your day will be accompanied by me in a natural way. I neither try to disturb you nor your guests and catch the natural moments of your wedding. I do not like complicated poses – i want authenticity. I like to present your day with a natural wedding reportage with lots of beautiful moments. I try to capture your day as an observer and to interfere as little as possible. Most of the couples you see on mine website have become friends through the wedding and this is exactly what i want to accompany with your wedding as a friend & wedding photographer  and not only as a service provider. I am always looking for the perfect moments. My watchful all day to capture your wedding as it is and want to always improve. I do not regard the wedding reportage as work but as a passion. I can not wait for a wedding to watch the pictures . I am always full of energy and fun. Photography is mine service, love is mine gift. At a preliminary talk i give you tips for your day which you can read in mine  welcome box all again. Do you want to get to know me?

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